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Thrive Business Group

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"Thrive Business Group helped our organization leap from concept to established business. As a physician developing a Health IT training business, I knew my subject matter very well, but had a lot to learn about the financial side of creating and operating a business. Thrive Business Group managed to break down the financial concepts to a more basic level for me initially, and as my company grew and my financial knowledge expanded they were capable of delivering advanced financial reports required by banks as well as institutional investors. I recommend Thrive Business Group to fellow entrepreneurs from start up to growth and expansion phases."

Andres Jimenez, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer
ImplementHIT.com, Inc.


"I have found that Siobhan is extremely knowledgeable about Tax law and issues. She knew and understood a new law that several other accountants and an attorney knew nothing about! I have total trust in her knowledge and integrity around doing my taxes."

Janet Ott
"Your Success is My Business"


"Thrive Business Group has been a key resource to us in launching our software company. As three entrepreneurs with concerns about remaining autonomous and yet forming a single business entity, Siobhan Murphy skillfully asked questions, listened carefully to each of our concerns, and wrote the outline of a business plan that we were able to not only agree to but fully embrace. She has also been very helpful in assisting us in filling out the necessary federal, state, and local business forms. In using the services of Thrive Business Group, we feel confident that things are getting done correctly."

Myra Harmer
VP, Sales and Marketing
Fast Accurate Bids


"Siobhan effortlessly explains the data, trends and financial concepts to those of us who don't have the passion for numbers that she clearly displays. I got a good overview, good analysis, and critical thinking about my business plan. Siobhan is gentle, creative, helpful, and adept at teaching and reframing difficult issues. Her confidence is one more reason she is a pleasure to work with; it is obvious to me that she is in the right business."

Drew Stone
Board of Directors
Excellence Northwest


"NWPermit has been in business for 25 years, and for all of that time we have had bookkeeping issues, that is until Siobhan Murphy became our accounting specialist. Siobhan and her team at Thrive Business Group has been miraculous. They were able to correct years of data inaccuracy, and create a path that we could follow to maintain accounting organization. Additionally any time there is a question Siobhan is there to explain it or correct it. I truly don't know what we would do without her. As you know your accounting software and reports are only as good as their data and organization, and thanks to Siobhan we finally have reliable accounting information on our Company."

Deb Shields
Northwest Permit Inc